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Furniture Care

Sheesham Wood Care

furniture care

We hope you enjoy your new sheesham wood design. Sheesham wood is known for its durability, defined grain, and natural resistance to deterioration. Unlike standard board furniture, sheesham wood features intricate natural grain patterns that vary from piece to piece, which makes them uniquely beautiful as a result.

Care Instructions

By following these easy care instructions, you can keep your sheesham wood furniture and décor looking new for years to come. Wood furniture and decor will last for generations with proper care.

Light & Heat

Always protect your sheesham wood furniture and décor from direct sunlight and exposure to temperature variations. The color may fade if exposed to direct heat and sunlight. Additionally, place wood items at a safe distance from heat sources including fireplaces and heat radiators to prevent warping. Humidity Sheesham wood furniture and/or décor should not be exposed to extreme humidity changes. Moisture may cause the wood to expand and contract, which can result in cracking.


In order to prevent staining and warping of your beautiful sheesham wood furniture, always use mats and coasters when placing any food or beverage item on the furniture. Do not place any hot item on the furniture directly. If liquid spills over it, immediately wipe it with a sponge or towel.


Alcohol, deodorants and perfumes should not be used near sheesham wood furniture and/or décor as some chemicals in these types of products may harm the finish of the wood.

Cleaning & Polish

Dust regularly using a slightly moistened cotton or microfiber dusting cloth. Polish occasionally with any wood safe polish available through your local grocery or variety store to restore the wood’s shine. Do not use excess water to clean your sheesham wood furniture and/or décor. Only a few drops can clean the furniture. Excess water that is allowed to sit or puddle can leave stains and cause wood to swell or warp. To get a premium finish and a beautiful luster on your sheesham wood furniture and/or décor, apply a natural beeswax polish. Use a dry cloth and buff ensuring any excess wax is removed. Please follow the instructions provided with your beeswax product.